Data science has become the most ravishing field of work with global businesses churning out data in big numbers. These are beyond human capacity to comprehend. This is where a skilled and duly certified data scientist steps in. They are skilled at guiding future business decisions that shall drive you to success. Data science is a skill that needs polishing and enhancement via top data science certifications. Work on extremely critical data science projects as you scale your career ahead with the best credentials. It is extremely important to consider your current skillset and reflect upon your long-term career goal before you dive in. Let us look at the industry closely while discussing some of the impactful credentials marking their reputation across global tech giants.

Recent Data Science Statistics 2024:

  • Cloud Analytics market will be worth USD 118.5 billion by 2029 (
  • Global Data Science and Machine Learning Service Market is expected to grow magnificently through 2031 (
  • North America is the largest market share holder for data generation (
  • 35% growth expected in data science job growth generation through 2032 (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • Data scientist salary is expected to vary between USD 85k – USD 235k; depending upon the experience levels (

Why are Data Science Certifications Important?

With these staggering statistics in place; you are set for a promising career in data science. Gaining the right set of data science skills is all that matters. You would agree with us on the fact that the more trusted and credible a data science certification is; the higher your chances of getting hired. This is true for the simple reason that these credentials hold the power to enable your future employer to gauge your data science competence via such trustworthy validations. Earning the best data science certification shall give your career a rising start and a skills pool that is unmatched and futuristic. These online future-proof credentials are an easy way to empower yourself for the astounding career boosts ahead. Higher earning potential, job satisfaction, relevancy, and career advancements, come in handy with multitudinous skill enhancements.

3 Best Data Science Certifications Worldwide:

  1. Google Professional Data Engineer:

Becoming a data engineer is a step forward with Google’s offering here. They have come up with a courseware that assesses a data science aspirant on skills such as designing data processing systems, operationalizing machine learning models, data solution quality, and building and operationalizing efficiently designed data processing systems. A 2-hour online test with 50-60 MCQs shall cost you USD 200 as registration. 

Requisites: Must have at least 3 years of industry expertise; with 1 year of experience in Google Cloud.

  1. SAS Certified Data Scientist:

An advanced data science credential for individuals who want to learn the use of open-source tools and SAS Data Management to manipulate big data. The cost varies with the choice of exam you wish to take (Associate exam- USD 120 each; Predictive Modeler exam- USD 250; and other exams- USD 180 each). 

Requisites: It involves completing 3 diverse examinations and expects you to possess knowledge about big data and machine learning model development and deployment

  1. USDSI® Certified Lead Data Scientist (CLDS™):

The United States Data Science Institute (USDSI®) takes you closer to your dream data science job in possibly no time. they are committed to churning quality data scientists who are brimming with top-class data science skills; including data visualizations, data analysis lifecycle and workflow, advanced big data analytics, and much more. They offer graded data science certifications that are highly respected among top recruiters in the global tech world. This self-paced easy-enrolment courseware spans over 4-25 weeks with flexi payment options and lends international accreditation from the Institute for Credentialing Excellence. It comes with an eLearning study kit inclusive of personalized contemporary courseware, sample projects, real-world workshops, HD videos, and much more worth USD 675 for FREE. SuperEd Program discounts mark another feather with the added advantage of a lifetime shareable digital badge and an expected 40% salary hike for your dream career. You can benefit from two FREE assessment attempts with USDSI® certifications. CLDS™ comes at USD 781 which is inclusive of all this and much more. 

Requisites: No programming skills mandate

Can getting certified impact your expected salary and the data science job offered?

This is an obvious question coming from a novice in data science. Because the ones who are data experts already know how a globally trusted data science certification has transformed their lives as data professionals for the better. Salary expectation is just one aspect; you as a seasoned data scientist can expect to take home a moolah when it comes to remuneration. A dream data science career is not a distant path with credible skills and certifications on your side.

Quick Pointers to Select a Data Science Certification:

  • Resonance with your career goals and objectives
  • Current skillsets
  • Curriculum and content offered
  • Delivery mode and flexibility 
  • Accreditation and Recognition 
  • Cost and Reputation
  • Alumni Success Stories and Reviews
  • Networking Opportunities 
  • Support and Resources Offered 
  • Career services offered

Data Science Future Beyond 2024:

Whether you are considering a career as a data scientist or a data analyst, database administrator, or any other; you can expect astounding growth in this diversely evolving field. Looking at the global perspective, data science is a top-paid field with salaries sitting around USD 345k in the USA ( and other countries across continents. Bring on your exemplary data science skills to reign in the global data science industry with the best credentials gracing your portfolio.

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